Barrett Baber's Song "Razorback Game Day" launches for KNWA's Razorback Nation & Goes Viral

"Razorback Game Day" 

This past week, KNWA's Razorback Nation released the new song, "Razorback Game Day" which was written by Barrett Baber & Kenny Lamb for the 2014 Arkansas Razorback Season.  This song release comes after a year full of successes for Baber, many of which Haxton Road Studios has been a part of recording.   Here are a few of Baber's highlights from this year.  (click links to watch

This new song "Razorback Game Day" had an absolutely crazy week as we watched it go viral & hit over 500k views in it's first day and not to mention also had over 5,000 shares on Facebook alone.  Fans are going crazy wanting to purchase it for tailgating, ringtones, and for general listening.  

One of the things we value at Haxton Road Studios is the relational part of working with artists from all over.  We have a lot of repeat artists come back to Haxton because they enjoyed their experience as much as the final product in their hand.  It's important to mention because in Barrett's case for example, we've been able to provide the quality needed to record top quality tracks that have proven to be successful in helping take things to the next level.  Along with the quality, the experience side of things is simple;  We love making music with GREAT artists who write GREAT songs, and will work hard to get GREAT results.  The future is bright for Baber, and we're excited to be a part of the new material coming in the near future.