Cory Nelson Joins Haxton Road Studios Team as a Producer | Mix/Mastering Engineer


Meet Cory Nelson | Producer & Mix/Mastering Engineer


Cory Nelson is a Producer and Mix/Master Engineer with over a decade of experience in the music industry. He first began producing and recording his own music in 2005 while touring and writing with multiple bands. Cory’s songs and compositions have been featured on several television networks such as MTV, E!, National Geographic, and Bravo, as well as digital marketing campaigns for major brands such as Microsoft, Otter Box, Coca-Cola, and Marc Jacobs. Cory is also experienced in pre-production for pop, hip-hop, and country, and has worked with writers in Nashville to create demo-ready tracks for pitching to labels and artists. Cory most enjoys the Mixing and Mastering process, having worked on major label releases, along with creating remixes for Knox Hamilton, The Rocketboys, Kris Allen, and Lovedrug.

"We live in a great time for creating music. The internet has opened so many doors for musicians to create and share their art. The low barrier of entry, however, means fans have more artists to listen to than ever before, and the industry has become saturated. This is why artists still need experienced, creative people to come alongside them to help their music stand out from the crowd. That’s the type of team we have at Haxton Road Studios, and the type of area Northwest Arkansas is becoming. An oasis away from other music cities, Northwest Arkansas allows artists to come, relax, and be creative in an unassuming, artistic environment."