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At Haxton Road, we want to be your one-stop shop for all your projects. You've put your heart and soul into your art, so we want to do everything we can to help bring your art to life.



An audio engineer is responsible for more than just capturing sound, they capture a performance. At Haxton Road Studios, our team of expert sound engineers work meticulously to capture audio content at the highest quality, and to record an authentic performance that feels true to the artist. Often, this means the engineer takes on the role of a producer as well.

By using our state of the art sound equipment, we’ll start your project by capturing the cleanest signal possible. Much of what goes into mixing and mastering can be made easier by having a good engineer. Therefore, the final product will sound much better by having quality work done on the front end.


A mixing engineer takes the recordings made during tracking to edit and process the tracks together into a final version of a song. Our mix engineers use premium outboard gear and digital plugins to make your song sound as good as possible.  

Mixing is fundamentally about decision making and problem solving. Adept at several genres, our team knows when to carefully craft a polished sound, and when to leave well-enough alone.


Mastering is the last step of creating your project, taking place after the mixing process. But what exactly is mastering? Both an art and a science, mastering is necessary in order to have proper balance, stereo presence, tone, and volume for every track in an EP or Album. Mastering also prepares your project for distribution.

Using equalization, compression, stereo field widening, saturation techniques, and limiting, your project will be mastered so that it sits well with other albums across all media formats and streaming platforms.


The producer is the Swiss Army knife of the studio. Among the several roles the producer can play, they often assist in preparing songs for recording, or pre-production. This can include adjusting arrangements and bringing in session musicians.

While recording, the producer coaches the artist through the process, offering suggestions on instrumentation and stylistic choices. They can also help the engineer make signal-chain decisions during the session.

A producer is also referred to as one who composes the music for a song. Particularly in Hip-Hop and Pop music, a producer usually creates and shapes the entire sound of a track before an artist writes to it.