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  • Top producers, writers,  & Engineers

  • Voiceover Recording

  • Custom Music for TV / Film / Web / Radio 

  • Talent / Artist / brand Alignment

  • Tracking / Mixing / Mastering

  • Music Licensing

  • Artist Sponsorships for your brand

Our Recent Work in Marketing

We tracked Drums & Mixed the song "Grace" from Tony Anderson that was Licensed to be used with this Video shot by Chris McKechnie.  This amazing story combined with a powerful soundtrack pulls tight at emotions. 

We Recorded this song in the studio with Barrett Baber & Kenny Lamb for the Arkansas Razorbacks & KNWA's Razorback Nation.  It's been fun to hear this in the stadium and also to see over 2 million views on it's Facebook version.  This song brings the epic energy right before gameday!

SongOfArkansas contest winner Barrett Baber recorded this song "Get There From Here" in the studio which was used for the Arkansas Parks & Tourism Video. 

OUr recent Clients